I have a perfume allergy. Do Green People products contain any perfumes?

The term 'perfume' causes a lot of confusion in skin care products. Technically, perfume is anything added to a product in order to give it a smell or odour. The term perfume or parfum does not indicate to the consumer whether the ingredients are natural or synthetic, nor how many ingredients are used - some complex perfumes may contain as many as 200 different chemicals.

Synthetic perfumes are amongst the most frequent allergens and they are frequently left out of hypoallergenic formulations. Green People do not use any synthetic perfumes and the only scents used are pure floral waters and essential oils. To enable customers to avoid specific ingredients we list every single ingredient used in all of our products rather than use blanket terms such as 'perfume'.

For people wishing to avoid all scents we also produce our Neutral/Scent Free range which is also free from all essential oils.

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