How can I transform my super dry and damaged hair?

We take a look at a very common problem: how to reverse damage done by colouring and straightening using natural hair care. Hair that undergoes chemical and heat treatments needs regular TLC in order to retain good condition and make that colour shine!


Q. I am addicted to my straightening irons! Plus I colour my hair to cover my grey every 8 weeks, can you recommend products which would help my super dry and damaged hair?


A. We have a specially developed Intensive Repair Shampoo and Intensive Repair Conditioner which helps to restore and strengthen dry and damaged hair. These natural formulas are rich in active nutrients and proteins to ‘feed’ your hair helping to renew the natural oils and enhance shine.

We recommend giving your hair a treat every now and again to give it an extra boost. To turn this conditioner into an intensive treatment for dry, damaged hair, apply the conditioner, wrap your hair in a hot towel and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. You'll see and feel the difference!

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