What is the origin of the Palm oil used in your products?

We have had several enquiries from customers who have recently read reports in the press to the effect that the natural habitat of the orang-utan is under threat from deforestation. Reports have stated that large areas of rain forest are being stripped to enable extra planting of palm trees to provide palm oil.

Our palm oil promise

We would like to reassure our customers that the palm oil used in Green People products is from certified organic sources in countries that do not have native orang-utans such as the Philippines and Ecuador.

It is a condition of organic certification that the raw materials come from trees that are grown on long-established plantations which are managed in a sustainable way to ensure that native fauna and flora are preserved.

It is also a condition of achieving organic certification that the growth and production of crops does not have an adverse effect on the environment either on a local or global scale, and agricultural schemes that involve deforestation are specifically excluded from all organic certification schemes.

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