Six steps to summer hair care success


The warm weather is finally here and everyone is after gorgeous summer hair! If you've been out and about taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine, then you may notice some unwelcome changes to your locks. In typical Brit style we always seem to skimp on sun protection, leaving hair damaged and in need of some serious TLC.

Just like our skin, when exposed to sunlight our hair is extremely susceptible to damage from UV rays. UV radiation damages the outer layer (or cuticle) of the hair, which is comprised of a series of overlapping scales that should lie flat along the hair shaft.

UV light exposure causes the scales of the cuticle to lift away from the surface of the hair shaft, impairing the barrier properties and allowing moisture and lipids (oils naturally present in healthy hair) to escape. The raised scales also make the surface of the hair rougher, which causes a loss of shine and the appearance of dull, lifeless hair.


Take a hint from the fashion week style diaries of Vogue and Elle magazines and sport this season’s must have fashion accessory. A well constructed turban or head scarf will not only protect your hair from damaging UV rays, it is guaranteed to glam up any outfit. Wear this statement piece on or off the beach and choose a bold print to win the summer hair style stakes.


How about swapping your sunny weather tipple to a delicious coconut water cocktail. Coconut water is nature’s ultimate health drink, containing electrolytes to keep you hydrated, and potassium to keep hair healthy and strong.


Heat styling with tongs or hairdryers can be one of the most damaging things for your hair, so in the summer months avoid excess heat in your hair care routine in favour of more natural styles. In addition, tight up-dos can also lead to hair damage and even hair loss, as hairs are stretched and become much more fragile. Instead go for a loose braid or messy bun.


Getting a summer trim can do wonders to refresh your look and can also prevent further damage to the rest of your hair. Cutting off damaged ends should be an essential part of your summer hair care, it will stop splits from working their way up the hair shafts and help prevent hair from looking frizzy. You don’t have to go for the big chop, snipping off an inch or two will make all the difference.


Far too often we brush without thinking of the damage we are doing to our hair. The sun can leave hair dry and brittle, so show it some love when you de-tangle. Always start by brushing the ends of your hair, as this will stop knots from clumping together and make it much easier to comb through. Brushing in the shower with a wide toothed wooden comb with the help of your conditioner is also a great way to minimise brush related breakage, as knots will just slip away making hair care pain free.


You can do a lot at home to treat your damaged hair; using Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner restores shine and vitality by nourishing each strand of hair.

Artichoke Leaf extract helps to restore the barrier properties of the hair, giving it a smoother, shiny appearance and preventing further damage.